ESD Control

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Control is a key factor affecting the reliability and quality of any electronic equipment. During the manufacturing process there are many opportunities for an ESD event to occur. Understanding the how, when, and where if Electro Static Discharge events is very important in todays circuit board manufacturing and handling. We have developed a few training courses as described below to assist the circuit board manufacturing companies from component level up to box build. Customizable solutions are available.

ESD Awareness for managers and operators (production floor workers). This is approximately 2 hour session covering the basics of ESD and ESD control. It includes wrist straps, Foot grounders, insulators vs conductors, ESD control matting, ionization and signage. Typically geared to your ESD control features used when followed by an ESD survey (mini-audit) of your control program implementation. Students passing the exam will receive a certificate of completion. Sessions can have any number of students that can be supported by your conference room. Multiple session receive discounts and helps break up the groups so that production is minimally impacted during the ESD Awareness training session

ESD Coordinator Essentials – indept coverage of the standards and processes involved in configuring an effective ESD control program and maintaining it.